Friday, June 29, 2012

My Blog is Being Retired

Folks, Google has seen fit to tell me my blog has no quality and is therefore de-indexing my site. I have decided to just close it down because trying to revive a site after google has doomed it to the never never land is about impossible. I will be opening a new blog or I should say focusing on another blog of mine. I will post the new url as soon as I have decided which way to go.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Disney Week - Making Memories

Disney Castle 2011This past week was a Disney week, making memories. Disney is a wonderful place to take a family or friends, it has plenty of adventure and for the photo enthusiast there are tons of photo opportunities.  I have posted a few of the photos to the left. If you go you must attend the block parties they are great! But then again I believe it was all wonderful!
Disney Castle
Disney Block PartyThe Block Parties were a hit. The characters and the staff danced in the streets with the guests. I think for the kids this was the main attraction, having the chance to dance with their favorite characters was cool.
Block Party
Disney Mickey and Minnie   Everyone's favorite of course Mickey and Minnie! A trip to Disney   without seeing them would be like rice with no beans; they are a must see!
Mickey and Minnie
Disney Street ParadeThe street parades were another attraction that caught the crowds eye, especially the kids. Waving to the characters in hopes of a simple look back was well worth the time.
Street Parade
One event however, keeps topping my thought train, that is taking photos of other peoples children while they are posing with a Princess. In my mind I don't feel this should be allowed. I am not talking about your own child, I am talking about a complete stranger pulling out a camera and taking a picture of your child. Perhaps Disney could stop this by placing a small screening partition near the posing area. Any thoughts on the subject feel free to voice them.

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