Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another Test Shot

High RiseFound another building to try. Gave it a test shot this weekend, not sure I like it but I might keep it because it has a duckee in the pond.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Just out looking at the buildings

After a trip to E6, I thought I would just stroll around check out some of the high rises. This is Atlantic Station, I thought I would take a test shoot before pulling out the 4x5.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

35mm format verses 4 x 5 conversions

Today, the subject of lens conversions and equalities came up during Ms. Harkins' demo. According, to my research the 90mm 4 x 5 camera lens is equal to the 28mm lens of a 35mm camera format, in angle of views. So, that being said we now have to look at the 35mm you have. If it has a cropped sensor there is another conversion you must make. The chart in the upper left corner, has the conversion factor for cropped lens. In other words if you have a 1.6 cropped camera sensor you will need about an 17-18mm lens on your 35mm to test shoot a room at the same angle of view as the 4 x 5 camera 90 mm lens. Questions, ask away. You can get your own copy of the conversion chart by clicking here or simply click on the graphic in this article.

DOFMaster for iPhone and iPod touch

Look what I found. All you "I" people might find this helpful. A DOF Calculator for the Iphone and Itouch. You can use the DOFMaster to calculate the depth of field in your photographs. You'll be able to select the lens and f/stop combination that provides the zone of sharpness you need. Use it to calculate the hyperfocal distance for landscape photography. Web Application - Go to on your iPhone or iPod touch to use the web app. (That link only works for the iPhone and iPod touch. Click here if you are using any other web browser.)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Night Film

Well I tried some of the night film and it is not too bad. But of course blogger has made it very dark. I might have to try some of the daylight film on the next shot. Well, off to the world, got to shoot some more. Later...
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