Tuesday, April 14, 2009

35mm format verses 4 x 5 conversions

Today, the subject of lens conversions and equalities came up during Ms. Harkins' demo. According, to my research the 90mm 4 x 5 camera lens is equal to the 28mm lens of a 35mm camera format, in angle of views. So, that being said we now have to look at the 35mm you have. If it has a cropped sensor there is another conversion you must make. The chart in the upper left corner, has the conversion factor for cropped lens. In other words if you have a 1.6 cropped camera sensor you will need about an 17-18mm lens on your 35mm to test shoot a room at the same angle of view as the 4 x 5 camera 90 mm lens. Questions, ask away. You can get your own copy of the conversion chart by clicking here or simply click on the graphic in this article.


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