Monday, May 25, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go away, Come Back After the Final Four!

Cathedral of Christ The KingToday, Do and I went to shoot a few more shoots for the final, but we ran into clouds and locked churches. We waited for about 3 hours and finally a glimmer of sun came through the clouds. The sun created a backlit subject but we figured it might be the only sun for a week so we shot it. This is a photo of the Cathedral of Christ The King.
Of course as we were shooting it was hard not to see others seeking shelter under every little eve and nook they could find. Fortunately, this lady found an unoccupied spot and took advantage of the holiday to get some sleep.


Peggy Attaway said...

At least the rain had stopped. I am not complaining about the rain, though, the lake is looking awesome. We need it.

Darren said...

Yes, we need the rain. However, if it could just wait one or two more days it would be nice.

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