Sunday, June 14, 2009


EI Judging RoomJudges at workDuring the judging the rooms were dark
and the judges would view the image
and vote to give the image merit or not.
The good part was when the judges would challenge a call. Then they would explain why they liked or disliked the image.
Today, the IPC went fairly well. I started in the EI room where the electronic images were. However, by the days end I was hauling and sorting photos. I liked the sorting because you get to see all of the photos - good and bad. But on the other hand you don't get to hear why the judges like or dislike the image. Nonetheless, today I saw some very good images. The clarity was out of this world. The amount of knowledge is wild; I am learning something new every 5 minutes. I for one, am glad Ms. Harkins, the PPA and all the others gave us this opportunity. Oh yeah I took a few photos today to share the fun and experience with you. Click here to see the entire set. I will add photos daily so check back often.


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