Saturday, July 31, 2010

A few tips for Photographers Traveling Overseas

Venice PanoramaUS Photographers going overseas should be aware that departing and entry into the grand ole USofA are not always the same thing. Actually, leaving is not hard at all, but re-entry can be a pain if not planned for properly.

Reading horror stories about photographers having equipment taxed or just being hassled about their equipment drove me to put together a few tips from all these lessons learned.

The biggest tip I seem to see is to simply prepare your self for overseas travel; nothing better than planning ahead. Start with our (US) own customs. They have a website full of info and a checklist to assist you in planning for your travels. The checklist is at the web site.

To (hopefully) keep you from being taxed on your equipment when you re-enter the US you need to complete a CB form 4457. You can get a PDF copy by clicking here. My understanding is that this form must be completed prior to your departure from the US.

The last bit of advice: try not to argue with the customs agent. I am sure they do not like travelers quoting regulations and such. Like a policeman told me one time, “you may win in court, but right now I am the law and what I say goes”. However, by no means degrade yourself or let your equipment be taken from you.


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