Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Photography - Much More Than Just taking Headshots

By Laurinda Gividen

From fifteen close friends I know who possess a camera barely a couple in reality, take the time to use them except for events like vacations, concerts and weddings, and then badly. The two who do use them routinely view taking photos as a hobby and have taken some good shots, and derived plenty of satisfaction from sharpening their capabilities. The rest bought the camera for some valid reason right at that moment, messed around with it, very likely stumbled on the manual, took a couple of images to show it functioned and then put it away.

And honestly that's sad, since photography is among those hobbies that will repay you appreciably for not much trouble and expense.

Of course you can do it badly. There are not many things as uninspiring as experiencing a selection of badly observed, improperly performed and badly adjusted images - and here we're speaking predominantly of the style of photo you'll probably take with your cell phone. These are fairly typical. You might label them the weeds in the garden that have grown over all the attractive blossoms until such time as only the weeds remain.

I was having a cup of coffee a few days ago observing a group of 20 something boys seated at another table. They started off taking photos of one other and next switched to taking self portraits. This style of self absorbed, vain exercise is the lowest quality photography could most probably come down to. In the end, if you consider you're the only truly worthwhile subject in all of the life around you possibly you've neglected a few essential notions in the steps of learning what life is really about.

The drawback with respect to this sort of photography is that aside from missing the idea that life can be harnessed artistically with a camera, the impoverished end results afford all of photography a a poor reputation.

The "sense" of sight is one of our most treasured awarenesses which undeniably reveals its value when it is directed towards points of splendor, beauty, interest, action or action. Seeing once is the summit of that pleasure, but obtaining a sharp clean shot which you can refer to when you want is the extra enjoyment and this is the main reason why taking photos is amongst the more gratifying pastimes you could have.

Portrait photography itself, done effectively, is a creative art form, bringing out some substance or value which is normally unseen within the rush of day to day life. The fundamental act of setting up a well conceived portrait can produce a different element to your demeanor towards other people.

Taking candid photographs can get you to actually begin monitoring and becoming cognizant of life as it happens around you. It raises your enjoyment of it.

Sometimes going for a wander around your local area and being able to see it from within the viewfinder can expand your appreciation and recognition of your environment. You could actually see familiar things as if for the very first time which may make life more attractive and rewarding.

Try getting that digital camera you purchased out from the place you put it away and taking it for a run, the more you practice with it the better you will become.


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