Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Combat Camera

Combat Camera SoldiersNot sure if everyone knows that the military has combat camera soldiers, airman and sailors that capture a lot of the footage seen in documentaries. I worked with these soldiers for a while during my service and I had a lot of respect for these soldiers. You see they not only had to fight and defend like everyone else, but they also had other weapons they were responsible to shoot - the cameras. Think about it, sometimes you were faced with which shot do I take first, the one that might save you or your buddies life or the one that might help the public understand why we were doing what we were tasked to do. Here is a link to a sight dedicated to these soldiers, just click here and you can watch several presentations.


Rosira S. Palmer said...

I am impressed. I cannot image how it is been in a environment like a war and be able to think about capturing moments.

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