Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Food Session at Gwinnett Tech

foodToday was an adventure in food land. It wasn't too bad, however it will take some practice! Here is my first attempt at the food thing. Ok I changed the photo. This one looks a little darker after putting it on flickr.


Jessica Elliott said...

The picture is so tiny. I wanna see it bigger! P.S. I need to get my pics from you still.

Peggy Attaway said...

I am so exhausted from today. Whoever dreamed that taking a photo of food could be so involved. Thanks for helping me so much today.

Darren said...

Jessica - would you like me to email them? Peggy - at the time it seemed somewhat trying, but in the end I liked, it was different. Of course if I went this route I would gain about 50 pounds. The food smelled so gooood!

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