Sunday, March 22, 2009

Nice day

Pine ConeToday was interesting. Do had a session with a client to do some head shots, I was going to assist him. Well, the client decided they could not make it, so Do and I went on a stroll around Lake Lanier. Man it was a nice day! And see what I found to shoot (picture). Poor little pine cone all by itself. You know I adjust and adjust but no matter what I do Flickr still seems to make the image shift.


Peggy Attaway said...

did you work it up and publish it with srgb? If not, I would give that a try.

Darren said...

Oh yeah, it is SRGB. On my monitor it is fine, actually a bit of blue in the shadows. I am going to try some other things next quarter. That is if I get time.

Ryan Tyrl Photography said...

Flickr is real bad about that. I hate posting color images on it.

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