Saturday, September 05, 2009

Gwinnett Tech 2009 Portfolio Show

The graduating photography students of Gwinnett Tech College will hold the 2009 Portfolio Show at the ART Station from September 12 - November 5 2009. The opening day is looking to be an event you don't want to miss. Several surprises are in store this year! First, Atlanta Ribs has an out of this world menu planned, just unbelievable. Second, this year souvenir cups will be used for the refreshments. The third surprise awaits your eyes when you enter. The doors will be open from 6:30 - 9:30 pm on September 12, 2009. If you can not make the opening night, you will still see the BIGGEST surprise every day of the show. Mark your calendars!

For directions to the ART Station click here.
Photo for Invitation by Peggy Attway


Peggy Attaway said...

I really hope you sell a tomato image after all you did to make that fly. Actually, they are really nice. Congrats on getting it all finished.

Darren said...

Thanks. Some folks like the natural look but we will see. Oh yeah the cherries, were 15 hours. Between the the two I spent about 35 - 40 hours of photoshoping to make them pleasing to the eye. Which really makes me wonder why we take a photo to change it from its natural state to what is pleasing to the eye. But I am somewhat pleased, so we will see what the public likes.

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